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Hoppr is your software supply-chain (SBOM) utility kit. Using a simple plugin architecture, Hoppr can collect, process, and bundle your digital assets to streamline transfers from one production environment to another - especially useful for airgap scenarios.

With Data being the new Oil, the entire industry has seen that there's a rapidly-expanding collection of new possibilities when using the Hoppr tool.

A few of the many possibilities:

  1. Collect, bundle, and deploy artifacts as defined by a manifest and collection of BOMs.
  2. Release products to be consumed by other teams through a manifest.
  3. Extend to provide further information on the contents of the transfer.


  • Package :: Framework to collect digital assets and build dependencies for consolidated packaging
  • Verify :: Secure Software Supply Chain Management of these dependencies
  • Transfer :: Abstract the transfer method across environment boundaries
  • Delivery :: Consolidated packages delivered to target location

Key Features:

  • Standardized workflow
  • Infinitely extendable with plugins
  • Batteries-included for core plugins (collect, process, bundle)


Install Hoppr from PyPI.

$ pip install hoppr

---> 100%

hopctl --help


Learn more about contributing with our contribution recommendations.


Hoppr is MIT Licensed.

Last update: 2022-09-01