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The following prerequisites are required to use Hoppr:

  1. Python 3.10 or higher
  2. Executables (e.g. mvn, skopeo, etc) required by selected Hoppr plugins for SBOM processing
  3. Manifest, Transfer, and Credentials files. See Inputs

Install Hoppr to use the hopctl command line tool

You can install Hoppr simply by running the following command:

$ pip install hoppr

$ hopctl version
Hoppr Framework Version: v1.0.0
Python Version: 3.10.4

Creating a bundle

You can create a simple tar.gz bundle with the following command. Assuming that you have the following files already defined.

  1. Manifest
  2. Credentials
  3. Transfer
$ hopctl bundle manifest.yml --credentials credentials.yml --transfer transfer.yml

Last update: 2022-09-01